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Wardrobe Architect - week 1

Posted on 2014.07.11 at 13:21
In lieu of starting sewing this weekend and next week, I'm working through Collete's Wardrobe Architect series. My in-laws are coming and will be staying in the guest room, so it doesn't make much sense to unpack all of the sewing things before they come. Afterwards, I plan on exploding, though.

The first week of Wardrobe Architect is about the seven factors that can influence your identity, and therefore your style. Of the seven factors, I've picked three - history and body.

How has your personal history informed the way you dress? When did your tastes crystallized? Have they changed over the years, and why?

As a child, I spent a lot of time in uniforms. Starting in first grade, I wore a uniform 5 days a week to school. During the summer, I went to day summer camps that required a uniform shirt as well. Required school uniforms continued up through the end of high school while work uniforms replaced summer camp uniforms. I loved wearing the uniform skirt. When I got to college, I was overwhelmed by the clothing choices of others - I remembered walking around campus and trying to read the text on every t-shirt that walked past. Personally, I just wore jeans, t-shirts and a sweatshirt.

When I started dating my third boyfriend (sophomore year), I started dressing the way he liked. I wore sweat pants (because he liked that they were softer than jeans) and fuzzy pajama pants. This period lasted until senior year. During my super-senior year, I traveled to Mexico for a semester. Because Mexicans (in general) dress better than Americans, I dressed a lot better too. I didn't wear shirts with words or tennis shoes. I tried to keep up dressing well when I returned to America, but graduate school made it difficult. I did a lot of heavy work (digging, planting, harvesting) and I ruined a large number of my clothes with dirt stains, rips and holes.

I'd like to get back into dressing better. Due to a huge weight gain while I was writing my thesis, a lot of the clothes that weren't ruined by field work were unwearable anyway due to fit. I have two pairs of shorts, one pair of jeans, and about 7 shirts. I need more clothes, but I'm really unhappy with what I find in stores.

In what ways does body image affect your choices in clothing? What clothes make you feel good about the body you live in? What clothes make you feel uncomfortable or alienated from your body?

My body is large and curvy. I am very short-waisted. I don't like it when my pants fall down over my hips or cut into my waist or hips. I don't like it when my shirts ride up over my hips and expose skin. I don't like my shirts too short (and yet somehow, everything in store is too short all of a sudden. Are they using less fabric, or is my skin just that expansive?) I like skirts, but I don't like when they cling to my hips and butt. I also don't like that commercial skirts are hemmed straight, so the back hemline is way higher than the front (and therefore much too revealing). My legs also rub together when I'm not wearing something to protect them, so wearing shorts or leggings or tights is important with skirts.


I'm back, I suppose

Posted on 2014.06.19 at 16:33
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Hello all!

By now, all is probably none. I think everyone abandoned their LJ at least a year ago, and I know I haven't written in mine since Mexico. Even then, it was sporadic. But I've been thinking about starting it up again, for a couple of reasons.

1. This somehow feels like the safest place on the internet to write. I started a blog, but as soon as I got the notification that one person had viewed the entry, I bolted. No could POSSIBLY read here, since there's no one left! (Delusional, I know.)

2. I've been needing a place to work out my issues, and there are a plenty. During graduate school, I was diagnosed with an anxiety disorder and went on antidepressants. Although the medication helped, I still continued binge eating (which I have done since....middle school? As long as I can remember). As a result, I've gained probably 60 lbs since I started graduate school, for a grand total of 100 lbs since I left high school. I've accepted that I cannot do weight loss. Every time I've tried to lose weight, I only gain it back and more. The process of weighing myself was very triggering, and I ended up viewing my entire life's value based on that number. That's certainly not healthy. I need to figure out how to be healthy, but I don't know very much about it, except that I never want to go back to counting calories again.

3. I've been needing a place to keep track of sewing projects, as I have started plan to start sewing again. I'm in desperate need of clothes (from all of said weight gain), and I'm tired of clothes from the store not fitting and being cheaply made.

I hope this journal helps me work through my issues to create a life that more resembles how I want to be living.



Posted on 2009.11.05 at 01:02
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I found Orion in the sky tonight - maybe home isn't as far away as it sometimes seems...


Most Hygienic Mass EVER!

Posted on 2009.10.24 at 19:15
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So....I went to Mass today. (yeah yeah yeah, I know...) And it turned out to be a wedding. (Go figure, but I digress.)

A little background information: receiving the Eucharist in your hands is unheard of in Mexico. (They will do it if you ask, but you get all sorts of funny looks - "What are you - Protestant?"  However, with H1N1 running about, the Catholic Church of Mexico has decided that some small things need to change.

Before the Sign of Peace, the priest says that like Jesus, influenza is alive and among us.  He gave the entire congregation a lesson on how to receive Communion in their hand - "mano izquierdo, toma con la mano derecho".  (Which was funny enough.)  But I followed a 10-year-old girl up to receive, and when she got to the front, she automatically opened her mouth.  "With your hands," the Eucharistic minister had to remind her, and she just looked at him.  "Mano izquierdo, toma con la mano derecho". So she stuck out her left hand, and he placed the host in it, and then she looked at him like, no what?  I just had to laugh.

The priest also recommended we have a "healthy peace", so nobody in the congregation shook hands - just nodded. The 7-year-old next to me bowed at the waist to me.

I also had never seen that many bottles of hand sanitizer in a church before.  Only in Mexico.... 


Like it/Love it/Gotta have it

Posted on 2009.10.15 at 09:28
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So my opinion of Mexico depends GREATLY on the day and time. Yesterday I was annoyed that the ice cream section at Super Salads closed at 9, and the library closed at 11.  (really?!? library closes at 11?) Monday was similarly rough - I cried through Hazardous Waste. (Strictly speaking, a test grade and a presentation grade did spark that set of tears but) Once I got started, I couldn't stop thinking about my brother and my family and the Tallone and how he would make everything better if he wasn't so gosh-darn far away!  (And it's still QUITE some time until I see him again.)

And I'm currently convinced that Monterrey is a Texas-wannabe. I'm in Starbucks listening to OLD country on the radio.  (And yes, that was "America the Beautiful" that just finished playing. I'm trying to study some more (as latest test grades would tend to say that I need more time with the books).  I've also been traveling around Monterrey - we went to the International Book Fair and Horno 3 (which was awesome!!) I've also managed to pick up drawing in my free time (which is not the BEST way to spend my free time, I know, but it's better than other things I could be doing.)  

I know I should be doing a bit more exercise than I am, but it always seems so awkward to fit in. (Especially since everyone makes a deal of it.)  Maybe as the weather cools down there will be more time for such things. (You just keep making excuses, don't you?) I'm hoping to go to a local park this weekend, which should be fun. :-)  So some days here I like it, some days I hate it and it's just an interesting thing to try.



Posted on 2009.10.11 at 22:38
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So far today, I have only put into my body pizza, reese's peanut butter cups and diet pepsi.  I cut my first pair of jeans and am settling down to write my part of the presentation. Today was not the best day ever.

P.S. Why don't gloomy mood themes have clouds over their head??


Down the rabbit hole

Posted on 2009.10.11 at 12:36
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I think I might finally be adjusting to life here - as I was walking around campus yesterday, I stumbled across a monarch butterfly among the flowers.  And I felt at peace with this country - it is a magical country, you just have to relax and experience it.  

Friday night: Megan and Kerry's party.  I had a fantastic time (although I did wish a certain someone was there with me.)  After talking to Alan in the afternoon, I was feeling comfortable with Spanish - I spent the evening watching the dancing, dancing (a little bit, and very badly) and talking to other people.  I re-met a boy from my Hazardous Waste class (although he didn't recognize me at first).  He said I looked different - that I never smile in class.  I ended up going with him, two friends, and Courtney to a local ranchero for a friend's birthday.  He and I walked up and down the street and talked a bit about Mexico.  He's nice, but I do hope he doesn't bother me too much in class after this.  We tried to go to IHOP at 4 AM, but apparently IHOPs are only open 24 hours in the US. So Courtney and I decided to go to IHOP on Saturday morning (b/c well....pancakes are pancakes! :-) )

Saturday: Started off the day at IHOP. (fantastic!) I had a coupon, the food was yummy and the waiter was great.  (When I asked for change for a $200 he gave me $100, 2 $20, 2 $10, 3 $5, 4 $1 and 2 50 cent pieces.  The engineer in me was happy.)  I headed back to Tec and went with Laura to the Centro de los Artes to look at a photography exhibit and then we went to the Cintermex to check out the Feria Internacional de Libros, which was fantastic.  (My camera battery died though, which really frustrated me.)  That's going to be this Wednesday's trip: a trip to Hogar 3 and the Cintermex.  Hopefully more people can come this time around!

Today is going to be a lazy sort of day, although I do have a meeting at 4 PM.  (ick!)  I really wish I could go spend today outside hiking, like at Turkey Run.  It's getting to be very nice weather here (which is better than sweating ridiculously all day.)  I probably should go get lunch sooner or later. Adios!


Que bonita soy, que bonita soy

Posted on 2009.10.09 at 19:48
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I'm so tired from staying up last night (talking to the Tall One and studying for Residuos Peligrosos exam), but I'm still planning on going out tonight. (Part of me wants to stay in, but I know by the end of the weekend, I'm going to be lonely and miss people, so it's best to take social events as they come.) So I'm going over to see Megan's new apartment.

In classes, things are looking up too - just a week (or less) after my "MEXICO IS HORRIBLE!!!!" breakdown, people are talking to me in class and I'm getting invitations to go out. After my frantic facebook message to Maya, I met Alan today - we talked for hour and a half and it was good.  I understand him and he says that my spanish is very. "Mejor de mi inglés." :-)  He invited me to the Monterrey Book Festival tomorrow, which sounds fantasticly fun. However, I did promise Laura first, so hopefully that all works out.

And then in cooking class we were making fish, and Paco chased me around the room with one making it say "kiss me!"

(P.S. Wrote this entry while watching the office and talking to Bog - that may be why it's so choppy.)


Museo de Arte Contemporaneo - Parte 2

Posted on 2009.10.07 at 22:44
Current Mood: loving
The museum was fun, although smaller than I had expected.  There were two exhibits - Rodolfo Nieto on the first floor and Víctor Rodríguez on the second floor.  We weren't allowed to take photos inside the museum, so I only have photos of the outside, but that will have to do.  I did manage to write down my favorite paintings by the artists.  I also looked for them online, but after seeing the real paintings, the online copies look dumb.

All of the following paintings were done by Rodolfo Nieto (I didn't really like Rodríguez's work.)

Violinista - Nieto had a set of paintings where he painted musicians, and I liked this one the best of them. (Being in band, I HAD to have a favorite musical one.)

Nocturno de Oaxaca - This is a nightime painting of the Oaxaca countryside.  Nieto was from Oaxaca, so I look forward to going there for Día de los Muertos and seeing how much his paintings reflect the state itself.

Paisaje aéreo - This is supposed to be of the Oaxacan desert; ditto previous comment.

Día de Todos los Santos - What I loved about this painting is the way Día de los Muertos and Día de los Santos were combined - there's a church in the hills of the painting, but if you look at the purple designs throughout the painting, you can see a skeleton that represents the celebrations of Día de los Muertos. 

Epitalamio II - This was the first painting I saw when I went into this section of the gallery, and immediately I liked it.  It is full of vibrant purples to which I reacted.  In looking at the painting later, I realized I didn't really like the image, but rather I liked the colors and textures.  The paint is globed on in little balls and swift strokes and mixed to create the feeling.  This image connected me with the painter - I could actually feel him as he worked on this painting to create what he felt inside him.

Jirafa - And of course, I had to like a childish painting too!  This is a giraffe, and I think it's gorgeous. I love how the artist used designs inside the giraffe's body and darkened the space around the giraffe. (I guess this is called "negative space".)  I did manage to find this painting on the internet, but it is nothing like the painting looks and feels in real life.

Of course, I got absolutely nothing done today.  (I'm reminded of how much time LJ can take to set up in order that you like the way it looks.)  I'm still not completely certain I'm happy with it, but it's good enough for now. By random chance I found a Monterrrey icon (see above - that's the Cerro de la Silla) so that is certainly exciting.  Big day tomorrow - my visa is in, so I need to pick that up, and I should check the international office for mail.  Eventually, I need to study for my Residuous Peligrosos exam also.


Museo de Arte Contemporaneo - Parte 1

Posted on 2009.10.07 at 11:36
Current Mood: procrastinating
So.....I've been thinking. (No change there.)  I kinda want to start the whole journaling thing again, especially as I am in Mexico and probably should really be keeping track of my thoughts SOMEHOW.  No promises or anything, but LJ could be a start. (It's better than a microsoft word document and easier to carry around than a full-blown book.)

I've been feeling quite lonely and homesick lately, so some of the powers that be have suggested I get out a bit more.  So today marks the first of the weekly Wednesday Adventures (better Spanish name to come).  I'm going to the Museo de Arte Contemporaneo and I invited a bunch of people.  However, this week is the last week of partial exams, so I don't think anybody is really coming.  Hopefully the art museum won't be TOOO dull (and hopefully they won't confiscate my camera either.)

Speaking of cameras, I was considering getting a point and shoot camera (it'd be easier to carry around than my SLR).  The thing is, well, I need to watch my money.  I can't buy everything I want, and currently there is a great deal that I want.  Anyway, I probably should get back to at least PRETENDING to study for my exam on Friday.  We'll see how long I keep this journaling thing up.

Edit: Word of the day is "staunch". Bonus points if I get a photograph relating to that word.

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