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Museo de Arte Contemporaneo - Parte 1

Posted on 2009.10.07 at 11:36
Current Mood: procrastinating
So.....I've been thinking. (No change there.)  I kinda want to start the whole journaling thing again, especially as I am in Mexico and probably should really be keeping track of my thoughts SOMEHOW.  No promises or anything, but LJ could be a start. (It's better than a microsoft word document and easier to carry around than a full-blown book.)

I've been feeling quite lonely and homesick lately, so some of the powers that be have suggested I get out a bit more.  So today marks the first of the weekly Wednesday Adventures (better Spanish name to come).  I'm going to the Museo de Arte Contemporaneo and I invited a bunch of people.  However, this week is the last week of partial exams, so I don't think anybody is really coming.  Hopefully the art museum won't be TOOO dull (and hopefully they won't confiscate my camera either.)

Speaking of cameras, I was considering getting a point and shoot camera (it'd be easier to carry around than my SLR).  The thing is, well, I need to watch my money.  I can't buy everything I want, and currently there is a great deal that I want.  Anyway, I probably should get back to at least PRETENDING to study for my exam on Friday.  We'll see how long I keep this journaling thing up.

Edit: Word of the day is "staunch". Bonus points if I get a photograph relating to that word.

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