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Que bonita soy, que bonita soy

Posted on 2009.10.09 at 19:48
Current Mood: blank
I'm so tired from staying up last night (talking to the Tall One and studying for Residuos Peligrosos exam), but I'm still planning on going out tonight. (Part of me wants to stay in, but I know by the end of the weekend, I'm going to be lonely and miss people, so it's best to take social events as they come.) So I'm going over to see Megan's new apartment.

In classes, things are looking up too - just a week (or less) after my "MEXICO IS HORRIBLE!!!!" breakdown, people are talking to me in class and I'm getting invitations to go out. After my frantic facebook message to Maya, I met Alan today - we talked for hour and a half and it was good.  I understand him and he says that my spanish is very. "Mejor de mi inglés." :-)  He invited me to the Monterrey Book Festival tomorrow, which sounds fantasticly fun. However, I did promise Laura first, so hopefully that all works out.

And then in cooking class we were making fish, and Paco chased me around the room with one making it say "kiss me!"

(P.S. Wrote this entry while watching the office and talking to Bog - that may be why it's so choppy.)

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