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No matter how far you go, some things never change.

Posted on 2009.08.08 at 15:35
Current Mood: frustrated
Now I'm starting to wonder what exactly I was thinking coming here. Imagine doing the whole office run-around at State University. Now do it again, only this time you don't know the language and you don't know where the buildings are. The entire keyboard setup is different, which is interesting to say the least - Spanish keyboards have { where our ' is. (Also, I keep hitting the ñ instead of enter.)

The university has two deer, two peacocks and a LOT of other birds.  Also squirrels - more proof that no matter how far you go, some things never change.

This is the first day that I haven't had an official event, and so I realize how much I really don't know about here and those that I do, probably don't like me very much. I am grateful a hundred times over for band and the friends it gave me.

(back entry written October 12, 2009)


El Paseo Santa Lucía

Posted on 2009.08.05 at 13:24
Current Mood: happy
Today I went to el Paseo de Santa Lucía. It was a beautiful walkway with ojos de luz along the water and waterfalls. I went with my h.m. and a daughter of her friend, Danna Melissa.  Every other student I know went out last night to the bars. I went to the Riverwalk with an 8-year-old. She was very nice, though, and would explain to me what words meant or repeat things as many time as I asked her to.

I thought of the Tall One every time I saw the moon. (Under la misma luna)

Me: "¿Qué es la diferencia entre abajo y debajo?"
Danna Melissa: (thinks for a moment) ¿Quién sabe?"

(back entry written October 10, 2009)


Day 3

Posted on 2009.08.05 at 13:15
Current Mood: giddy
I am feeling very giddy today. (Yay lots of sleep!) All the freshman and international students were given free tickets to the first football (American football) game of the season. I didn't get one, though, so I had to approach the Student President and ask him for one (in Spanish.) He was really nice. And then somebody told me that my eyes are pretty. (Eye compliment count: 1)

I'm wearing my hair down today. All the girls here manage to walk around with their hair down to their shoulder blades. I can too!

(back entry written October 12, 2009)


Hello from Mexico!

Posted on 2009.08.04 at 19:05
Current Mood: hot
It is blasted hot here - my computer keeps overheating. I've gotten to my host family - the boys mostly keep to themselves and the dog barks all night.  I don't think my host mother likes me very much.  She drives me to and from school every day and it feels like an imposition.  I wish I was closer to campus - close enough to walk.  On the plus side, at least I have internet.  The Spanish is getting better, or at least faster.  The hard part is figuring out the grammar on the fly.

(back entry written October 12, 2009)


For the Record

Posted on 2009.08.04 at 13:21
To the best of my memory, these were the predictions Sean made for my semester in Mexico:

- You will return a changed person.
- You will see/experience things that will shake you to your core and fill you with immense joy.
- Never underestimate how much little acts can impact someone's life for the better.

(back entry written October 10, 2009)



Posted on 2009.08.03 at 13:12
Current Location: airport, international terminal
Current Mood: anxious
I'm sitting in the international airport terminal awaiting my flight. There are definite butterflies in my stomach, but I'm honestly decently relaxed.  Well, as relaxed as one can be when leaving to live abroad for four and a half months.  I wish I could reach my host family. I can't believe I didn't notice that I had their number. (sigh) I hope this is a good semester. I hope I'm not too lost or homesick. I hope I manage to keep in touch with everyone.

The Tall One got to stay over last night, and we spent the night holding each other and trying not  to cry.  (Okay: I bawled, but that was to be expected.)  I am going to miss him so very much. 

I just met a girl named Steph who is going to Tec too. (She's from Canada.)  So I'm gonna talk to her.

Quote: "I don't think you're supposed to cry in business class." ~ me

(back entry written October 10, 2009)


The Flowers were Nestled....

Posted on 2008.10.30 at 12:37
So I was feeling sad last night, so my friend and I went to Walmart and I bought all the supplies necessary to force bulbs. I bought daffodils and hyacinths and planted them in pots last night. The should bloom sometime in February.

Bulbs require winter to provide them time to grow roots, so to grow bulbs indoors, you have to simulate winter. For the next 3 months, my fridge will look something like this:

In other news, I'm thinking about getting a real, live blog. What do you guys think?


Study Abroad?

Posted on 2008.09.02 at 15:09
Current Mood: nervous
Quick opinion poll:

Should I study abroad? Spring semester, or a month in May, or over the summer? Should I stick only to Spanish-speaking countries? (That would be for my parents. I'd  go just about anywhere.)  

Would this be a good idea, or would I completely lose touch with the people at college? Will they forget about me?

Posted on 2006.12.03 at 03:41
Current Mood: tired

It's like...2:40 AM.  I should be sleeping.  But I just finished a lot of LJ house work.

(Does LJ even have housework?)

This includes:
           - new layout
           - new icons

And for tomorrow, a new entry.

What does it matter....happiness?

After all, who in the world is really happy?

All that matters is that I am grateful.

And I am.

Truly grateful.

So stop asking me if I'm happy -

So I can stop lying.

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