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Like it/Love it/Gotta have it

Posted on 2009.10.15 at 09:28
Current Location: Starbucks
Current Mood: indifferent
Current Music: "America the Beautiful" by Ray Charles (wtf?)
So my opinion of Mexico depends GREATLY on the day and time. Yesterday I was annoyed that the ice cream section at Super Salads closed at 9, and the library closed at 11.  (really?!? library closes at 11?) Monday was similarly rough - I cried through Hazardous Waste. (Strictly speaking, a test grade and a presentation grade did spark that set of tears but) Once I got started, I couldn't stop thinking about my brother and my family and the Tallone and how he would make everything better if he wasn't so gosh-darn far away!  (And it's still QUITE some time until I see him again.)

And I'm currently convinced that Monterrey is a Texas-wannabe. I'm in Starbucks listening to OLD country on the radio.  (And yes, that was "America the Beautiful" that just finished playing. I'm trying to study some more (as latest test grades would tend to say that I need more time with the books).  I've also been traveling around Monterrey - we went to the International Book Fair and Horno 3 (which was awesome!!) I've also managed to pick up drawing in my free time (which is not the BEST way to spend my free time, I know, but it's better than other things I could be doing.)  

I know I should be doing a bit more exercise than I am, but it always seems so awkward to fit in. (Especially since everyone makes a deal of it.)  Maybe as the weather cools down there will be more time for such things. (You just keep making excuses, don't you?) I'm hoping to go to a local park this weekend, which should be fun. :-)  So some days here I like it, some days I hate it and it's just an interesting thing to try.

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